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Gold Leaf Stardust - Artisan Deluxe Gold


The smallest cut & only true gold leaf lustre ever made.

0.7mm Stardust coating is a natural edible Arabic Gum ingredient, allowing for the gold leaf to remain floating after stirred/shaken, providing full coverage in a body of liquid - lasting for minutes. The feeling of holding a glass filled with gold of this level of display has been unprecedented before the 0.7mm Stardust. A shiny and vivid bright shine creates a lasting magical impression every time. 


  • .04g pack with 4 easy satchels
  • Dust made from finely cut pieces of Artisan Leaf Gold
  • Fine dust effect
  • Drinking gold for sake, champagne, wine & water 
  • Smallest cut 0.7mm gold leaf
  • Floats when stirred in liquid
  • 4 sachets inside / Recommended 1 sachet per 400ml glass
  • True tone gold
  • "Artisan"grade edible gold - protection against clumping, discolouring, tearing
  • Internationally certified edible gold - Food Safe ISO 22000:2005 & HACCP
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Gluten free & vegan friendly
  • Handmade in Japan


The ultimate drinking gold

Tasked with the requirement from Japanese sake brewers to produce a gold leaf that would not float, but instead sink when added to liquid, Original Artisan Gold created the 0.7mm Stardust, one of their boldest, most magical creations yet.  


Real silver in its purest form - How it's made from the creators:

"We start by melting a block of gold made from 95.5% Gold & 4.5% Silver.  From there, we make it thinner by repeatedly pounding it within a book of traditional handmade Japanese washi paper. We keep pounding the gold until eventually we get it to the 1/10,000mm thin gold leaf. The entire process is all done in our one factory in Japan and takes 2 weeks. All our products are proudly handmade and quality checked by our two of our master Artisans in Kanazawa Japan, the home of Japan's gold mining town, where the training took over 10 years to develop in this rare skill.


For the first time, you can accurately see the delicate texture of the gold. We do not use fillers or artificial colours - excellent colour and texture is always guaranteed".




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