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Cake Pricing Workshop




This is an opportunity for all of our wonderful customers who struggle with the concept "how much do I charge for my cakes?". This question is one that comes up repeatedly in our store, and we do our best to explain the process we take to price our designs. 

However, sometimes we need a little more time to go in to depth on the subject, so we are running this workshop to give that assistance to you!

When you're embarking on a side hustle project of any kind in the creative world, it is so easy to underestimate how much your artistic talent is worth. This workshop is designed to be interactive and informative, working with Sarah-Jane as she explains some of the tools she used and the pricing process she developed to transform her baking from hobby to business.


This is a 1.5hr interactive workshop. It is a little different to our normal lessons, because everyone's cake pricing situation is different. However, there are universal tools that are available to you to help you succeed and we will discuss those in this introductory lesson. You may have an opportunity to work on your own, depending on how the lesson proceeds.

We envisage that this could become an ongoing workshop, as long as interest is available, for people to discuss their specific issues around their cake business.

What is needed?

A laptop or computer with excel installed will assist you in getting started during the lesson. You can also just attend and take notes for working at home.

What to expect?

We want to open the conversation around cake pricing and start to demystify the process for bakers and creators. The lesson format will be fairly fluid for our first class, whilst we understand where each student is at in their specific journey. This class is not going to solve all your pricing questions in one go and will require you to do some homework! But we will be there to guide you and answer questions.

What else?

Please keep in mind that there may be additional resources, such as apps or computers, that you might need to purchase to take full advantage of our recommendations. In saying that, it is absolutely possible to have a simple paper and pen and create a successful pricing structure for your cakes.




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Class: All Things Ganache...
Helpful Hints!

Got some practical tips on a technique I've not used before.
The wedding cake I decorated turned well. Very happy!

Class: Orchid Spray - Sugar Flower
Extremely fun evening

This was a great class. The atmosphere was relaxed and fun and the instructor was knowledgeable and made the steps easy to follow. I got a lot out of this class and would happily do another one.

Class: Kids Holidays - Llama Cupcakes

My son and daughter attended the decorating class! Both of my children had a BLAST! They learnt about decorating but also had so much fun! Lesley was so patient and wonderful. We will definitely be attending again!

Fondant Rose Class

I can honestly say I am not the most coordinated person around but I thoroughly loved this class. Flynn was a saint with plenty of patience and advice on how to make the rose and took the class one step at a time though the procedure, time just flew by. I am so pleased that I attended this class and I have now made my a number of roses for my family's birthday cakes. Thank you so much to the team at the Studio Cakes you are awesome, I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn how to make roses

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