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Non Stick Sugar Powder


A multi purpose sugar blend developed for cake decorating. It is designed to work withåÊ coloured roll out icings when kneading, rolling out and buffing, as any excess can be easliy brushed off without compromising vibrant or dark colours. For use as a dust on your bench, rolling pin and anywhere that requires a non-stick result. Ideal for use with sugar pastes, perfect for fine cut outs and flower petals. This sugar blend helps to release sugar paste from silicon moulds.åÊ It can be mixed with dusting powders as an extender to create a more gentle and even coverage.

Instructions: Using a fine sieve dust your bench or surface before kneading. Rub into your hands for buffing and scultping. Dust over pastes before cutting or pressing into moulds.

Ingredients: Sugar, blended gluten free starch

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